Phonics Week 10

This week in phonics the children have learnt a combination of phonemes both digraphs and trigraphs. Er, ear, ure, air
Please practise these phonemes with them and see if they can identify these in words.

Please see the link below:

Don’t forget to check Education City for you number homework!

Phonics week 10

We have been learning the phonemes: oa, oo as in boot, shoot ( the long vowel phoneme), oo as in book, cook (the short vowel phoneme) and ar.

Please look at the video link below to access the phonemes and the actions.

Challenge: Please post onto the blog other words that you have found that use these phonemes from this week.

You may also wish to look at Mr Thorne to support your child even further: – ar phoneme – oo as in cook, book

Bof reading challenge

What is my favourite book?

My favourite book is The Royal Potty because the baby got mixed up with the Potty and the crown so he put his Potty on his head and he sat on the crown.

Can I list book’s that I like?

Baby Brain And Robo Mum

Mr plods bossy day

Mr big.

Those are all the books that I like to read.













Question about Nicholas Allan

Who is Nichols Allan?

Nicholas Allan is an authentic who writes  stories and the stories  he writes is The Queens Knickers,Father Christmas Needs A Wee,Cinderella Bum,Father Christmas Comes Up Trumps,Jesus’ Christmas Party,Jesus’ Day Off,Heaven,My dad’s the best,The Giants Loo Roll,The Royal Nappy,The Prince And The Potty and the big hearted book.

Questions I would like to ask Nicholas  Allan:

Who inspired you to write books?

What is your hobby?

Who is the queen?

The queen is Elizabeth 11 of 16 of 53 member of states of the commonwealth nations. She is the head of the commonwealth and supreme governor of the church of England.

What does the queen do?

The queen has many different duties to perform every day. Some are public duties such as ceremonies,resections and visits within the united kingdom or abroad. Other duties are carried out away from cameras ,but they are no less important. These include reading letters from the public, official papers and briefing notes; audiences with political ministers or ambassadors;and meetings with her private secretaries to discus daily business and her future diary plans. Even when she is away from London, in residence at Balmoral or Sandringham,she receives official papers nearly every day of every year and remains fully brief on matters affecting her realms.